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some of the problems which arab patients can faces with when they intend to come to germany for treatment : ء

1. they don't know which hospital to contact and how to make this contact.

2. which formalities should be done to start with the treatment.

3. which formalities should be done to get a visa.

4. for the patient :which customs and traditions have the people in the host country? for the germans : which customs and traditions have the arab patients ?

5. language barrier, specially because it's a matter of medical terms.

because of the above-mentioned reasons it is important that someone who knows his stuff takes care of these problems.

We are here to make your stay and treatment in Germany as comfortable as possiblen. we take care of every thing so that you don't have to do except to attend to your healing.

Our employees and translators are professionals, they all graduated from german universities. They speak arabic als well as german fluently. In this way we can ensure a right translation without any misunderstandings. Furthermore they are aware of the arabic traditions.


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