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The Black Forest region is one of Germany's most popular tourist destinations.  Like Bavaria to its east, the Black Forest combines great outdoor scenery with unique local customs, products, and fare. 

People from all over the world come to the Black Forest to rest and enjoy the beauty of nature. In the 19th century, for example, just about everyone who mattered in Europe gravitated to the Black Forest: queens, kings, emperors, princes and princesses, members of Napoleon’s family, and the Russian nobility, along with actors, actresses, writers, and composers. Turgenev, Dostoyevsky, and Tolstoy were among the Russian contingent. Victor Hugo was a frequent visitor. Brahms composed lilting melodies in this calm setting. Queen Victoria spent her vacations here.
Today it’s a favorite vacation setting for average citizens and travelers.




If desired we can pick you up from the airport and bring you to your hotel in freiburg and eventually get you back to the airport at the end of your stay



tour programs

All tour programs includes drive service from the hotel till destination and back and Touristic guide


Program 1:

Day trip to the upper black forest. We will go to the valley station of Schauinslandbahn. Then you will hover with the longest teleferic in Germany (3,6 km) above 750 altitude. Enjoy the compfortable and eco-friendly way of climbing the 1.284 meter high Freiburger Haus mountain. 




Program 2:

A fantastic world of excitement for the whole family

Europa Park, Germany's biggest leisure park has everything you could possibly want. Worlds of imagination are waiting to be discovered. Whether it be a dramatic ride through Ancient Greece on the water roller coaster Poseidon; the Silver Star thrill ride reaching 130km/h with73 metre drops; or expeditions into the age of the dinosaurs...
Europa Park offers unforgettable moments for everyone. Over 100 stunning rides and colourful shows have been incorporated into the various European themed villages with their fascinating architecture.





Program 3:

Day trip to the lake Titisee.

The scenic highlight of Titisee - Neustadt is doubtless the fantastic setting of Titisee lake whose crystal-clear water attracts thousands of enthusiastic swimmers to the healthy climate of the resort town bearing the same name. Since its conversion to a pedestrian zone and waterfront promenade, Seestraße is considered the loveliest street for strolling in the Southern Black Forest.

The vacationing guest will find a broad selection of Accommodation which ranges from rustic, well-equipped inns to comfortable apartments as well as middle-market and first-class hotels.




Program 4:

Day trip to Zurich in Switzerland with a lake cruise .

Zurich, on the edge of Lake Zurich, in the middle of Switzerland is that country’s largest city and home to over one million people. Full of banks, chocolate, shopping, and fun, Zurich has a lot for travelers to enjoy.

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Program 5:

Day trip to Colmar in France.

Colmar is the capital of the Haut-Rhin region. It has a chocolate-box town centre full of half-timbered houses painted in pastel colours along cobbled streets, that probably hasn't changed much since the Middle Ages or Renaissance. The old town has several very intriguing houses, such as 19 rue des Tetes, built in 1609 and rounded off with 106 stone faces and animal heads. The elaborate facade of the Maison Pfister, built in 1537, includes a carved balcony, painted panels and oriel window. That is opposite 36 rue des Marchands; at number 30 is the birthplace of Fredric Auguste Bartholdi, the creator of the Statue of Liberty in New York, which is now a museum dedicated to the artist and other Colmar artefacts.




Program 6:

Day trip to Strassbourg in France.

Situated on the banks of the river Rhine, the city of Strasbourg is known for its historical and cultural sights, as well as its specific, picturesque ambiance. Famous for its Cathedral which is the highest medieval building in Europe, for its channels which encircle the city centre and bring to the charm of the scenery, for its traditional Christmas Market, lovely parks and a distinctive traditional cuisine, Strasbourg offers its visitors a variety of unique experiences.

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Program 7:

Day trip to the black forest

Regeneration and relaxation with barbecue.




Program 8:

Day trip to the Boden see and Island Mainau. 

Since Mainau opened to the public decades ago, the island has become one of the best-known tourist attractions on Lake Constance, and a green one.

In spring, millions of flowers bloom while small orange trees are placed in front of the Baroque castle belonging to the Bernadotte family.

Visitors to this 45-hectare large island can often be found sitting underneath a palm tree or sequoia.





Program 9:

Day trip to Basel in Switzerland.

Nestled in the Three Countries of Germany, France and Switzerland, Basel is a city full of surprises. The city canton with roughly 190,000 inhabitants and a 2000-year history is located on the bend of the Rhine on the borders with France and Germany.
The city offers a unique range of culture and art, and possesses one of Europe's most attractive and best-preserved Old Towns.








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